Nacra Infusion MKII, 2012 – USA

2012 Nacra Infusion Mk. 2. Boat was 3rd at U.S F18 Nationals in 2016, first Infusion. Many other race wins. Boat includes:

1) 2012 Nacra Infusion Mk. 2 in mint condition, bottom is like new.
2) Trailex aluminum trailer, full overhaul in 2013 including new leaf springs, bearing re-pack, new tires, LED lights and aluminum storage container
3) Set of brand new 2013 Glaser sails stored inside, main has never been hoisted, spinnaker has been Holmenkol coated and used for 2 light air race days, jib has 2 light air race days on it as well.
4) Set of 2012 Performance Sails, in good shape
5) Full set of Harken road and mast covers, full Kinder yard cover
6) Beach wheels and rear cradles
7) Full race rigging including continuous downhaul, continuous jib sheet, continuous mast rotation,  tapered spin halyard on custom bungee takeup, tapered tackline, tapered jib downhaul, tapered mainsheet, bungee takeup on spinnaker sheets, 2:1 port side daggerboard upfucker.
8) SNU snuffer hoop and bag
9) Nacra carbon tiller extension
10) F18 class measurement certificate for boat and all sails w/ stickers.

This is a turn key package ready for racing at the top of the fleet. This boat is capable of a podium finish at any event from local to Worlds. Asking $19,000.

Contact:  samc99us(at)gmail(dot)com

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