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SOLD // Nacra 17 #149 – Europe

– Nacra 17 N# 149– Location: In Europe / Spain– Full cover– Catrax– Only 4 Events– Contact: — Sold

A-Class – Australia
- A-Cat - Model: Tool AUS911 - Year: 2007 - Price: AUD$10,000 - Location: Melbourne, Australia - Equipment: Larry Faye built, carbon everything. Rudders with winglets. Straight boards but can be fitted with L-Foils for non-racing fun. 2 Ashby sails, medium Fibrefoam mast, Bags boat cover. Trailer available +$1500 but will only sell with the boat. The boat is race-ready. Will ship to Queensland Nationals for a slab of beer. Michael Kopp 0418991884
Viper F16 – USA
- AHPC F16 Viper 2012 - $16,500 - Location: Bradenton, FL, USA - Full boat with original sails. Race ready. - Custom main with blue luff. Beams have been reseated. - Custom deck grip applied. - Custom tubing run to feed skipper bunji seamlessly through hull. -Tapered 10:1 mainsheet. - Triple adjustable trapezes. All the extras included. -This boat is fast and has won several regattas. Won the 2013 and 2014 US F16 National Championships and came 2nd at the 2014 F16 Worlds. Conctact: rparentsail gmail com Ravi Parent
Falcon F16 – Belguim
- Falcon F16 - BEL666 - Year: July 2014 - Price: 17,990 euro (incl 21% vat) - Location: Belgium - Equipment: - Race pack - Pentex sails, white. Pink spinnaker - Long daggerboards - Continuous downhaul with spinlocks - Boat won the European championship 2014 - Carbon mast option possible, price to be discussed - Contact
SOLD // Nacra 17 – 2014

Narca 17 ready to race, Boat May 2014 Sail number ARG-239 The boat location: Zürich Switzerland Additional equipment included in the package: – Holmenkol treatment on spinnaker – Curved dagger board cover (hold both blades) – Rudder blade covers (set … Read More

Class: A-Class Brand: DNA Model: - Price: Contact Year: 2013 Sails: Landenberger Location: Argentina Contact: catsailingnews gmail com
Infusion 2009 – Long Daggers Upgrade – SOLD

Class: F18 Brand: NacraModel: InfusionPrice: ContactYear: 2009Sails: Nacra Location: ArgentinaContact: catsailingnews gmail com

Pro Helmet Forward WIP


The First real Sailing helmet, Light and Stylish
Long John Forward WIP 4/3
3mm Long John with WIP protection $219.99
Harness Forward WIP Exo
Trapeze EXO Harness A super comfortable harness with an external reinforced lumbar support 180US